Don't like Hillary as a package: Will Hillary Clinton's negatives prevent her from winning the election?

  • Hillary's negative issues will definitely prevent her from winning the election.

    Every election year we learn the down and dirty facts about the candidates whether they come straight from the source or are told to us by a third party. Hillary Clinton has had many secrets that have been outed over the course of the past year and many of them have damaged her campaign. She seems to have more negative secrets than any other candidate, which make her chance at becoming president that much smaller.

  • No, Hillary Clinton's negaties won't prevent her from winning

    The road to the White House is paved with influence and money, Hillary Clinton has both advantages and is well prepared for the long road. Her negatives, due to years of politics has made her more resilient and determined to push ahead. The electoral college will determine the presidential candidate and delegates can be influenced so she is not going to lose.

  • No, Hillary Clinton's negatives will not prevent her from winning the election.

    The Democratic Party has built a substantial Electoral advantage when it comes to presidential elections. The party has been able to win several key swing states in the last several election cycles. Most likely a Democrat will win the White House again in 2016. Therefore, it is unlikely that Hillary Clinton's negatives will prevent her from winning the election because she is a Democrat.

  • No, Hillary will still win

    Regardless of her disqualifications, of which many would count them numerous, Hillary Clinton is still more appealing to the masses than Donald Trump. Despite the FBI recently reporting that she horribly botched her use of classified materials on her personal email (which is a federal offense to non-celebrities), Donald Trump's rhetoric, avarice and overall ignorance will push Hillary to the victory.

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