Don't you just love it when atheists and liberals tell parents how they should be raising their children?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • Yeah I do.

    Mostly because they're correct on the topic of raising children. Nobody is proving a point by pushing stereotypes and ad hominem attacks, and the more that one does as much, the more credence they lend to their opponents arguments. You're not proving a point by being a smartass. Extra words to meet word limit.

  • Yes I absolutely love it!

    It's great that atheist and liberals now want to tell parents how and how not to raise their own children. I love it how they try to make parents raise their son to think they're a girl or their daughter to think they're a boy. I love it how they try to make parents bring their children up in secularism even if they are religious. I love how they try to make parents look down on religious people. I love how they try to make parents teach their children that abortion is acceptable even if it's against their will. People, they're doing a great job. We need to keep letting these atheists and liberals brainwash the children while accusing religious people of brainwashing. It will truly make the world a better place!

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