Don't you think micro mini dresses are one of the main reasons behind sex scandals?

Asked by: annisha.wazed
  • Banned micro mini dresses

    If girls don't were such micro mini dresses boys don't come close to a girl. So a girl should have a sense of choosing her dress. If she do so, she didn't fall victim to such worst cases.

    A girl had to save herself. Choosing right kind of dress can save her most of time.

  • No, dress has nothing to do with a sex scandal.

    A man who has decided that it is okay to take advantage of someone who is in a vulnerable position on his staff or in his community is not being led there by mini dress of any kind. The problem lies within the moral compass and unchecked impulses of the man.

  • Stripping Away Women's Freedoms because of Rapists

    Why blame the girls and their choice, their freedom of expressing themselves through their clothing for sex scandals? Should it really matter whether or not a woman is dressing more skimpily? Rape and sexual assault should not happen, regardless of what a woman is wearing. Instead of pointing fingers at a woman's choice of clothing, blame the people who are targeting them.

    Also, women of all ages, in all types of clothing, in all scenarios get raped. It is not just women wearing skimpier dresses.

  • A Big NO

    I don't think its the reason of sex scandal. We are living in 21st Century we should set our mind accordingly, its just on people perception what they think when they see women in short dresses. People need to change their mentality. If women is wearing short dresses then thats their choice if they are smart enough to carry herself then why cant they do what they want. They have full right to live their life in their own way. Everyone is enjoying their life so why cant gilrs can enjoy? Those who think by wearing suits can reduce sex scandal i would recommend them to ask rural people where girls are living a miserable life and many cases are still happening even if they wear suits.
    Girls can do can wear what they want.. It doesnt show their character. We should respect girls in all ways instead of perceiving them by what they wear .

    Posted by: kavy

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