• They should be banned

    Sex-worker is root of increasing number of divorcee wife. Not only they break happy family but also cause AIDS.

    Sex-work could not be a work. For sex-worker many girls life is ruining. They should be punished. We must identify those and they had to be understand-ed them which they are doing for money or being rich is wrong.

  • How is that a job

    It is a great way to spread STD's and create unwanted children. It is a dangerous profession and causes people to get hurt. Anything that is bad for people and causes them to get hurt should be banned. Because it is evil, and it is exploitation. Of the women who are pushed into doing it.

  • Absolutely ban it!

    What are people thinking? Sex is for creating new generations of children... Not for someone to use for their personal desires! And if a child does result, what kind of development does it get? None, my friends, none. If you think sexual entertainment is fine, you are sick idiots and have no idea of its real purpose. We might not be able to stop all sex work, but at least keeping it illegal will keep people doing such sick profanity freely abroad.

  • Prostitution should be banned

    I do think that prostitution should be completely banned. I think it is wrong to pay for sex because too many things can go wrong. It can lead to a lot of arguments and violence. If there was a way to keep that from happening it may not be so bad.

  • Sex Work Should Be Banned

    For the most part, sex work should be banned by virtually all jurisdictions in the United States. Sex work is demeaning for women and often involves illicit activities on the side. There's nothing glamorous about the sex worker industry, and it's often filled with illegal activities that authorities are constantly trying to put an end to.

  • Sex workers should be

    Sex workers should be banned but nothing else because it is not using it for the correct reasons and can have unwanted children. However sex is still a natural part of living world and we need it to exist.

    It can also spread diseases. Although it would be better to lower the age limit than keep this legal.

  • It is sick

    Sex work is something that should be banned in advanced society. . . Sex is connection of two people, Their love, Desire. . . Most of the sex workers are forced to do that job and as for others they just see an easy money, But they don't see the consequences of their actions

  • Sluts of the world

    Why are women selling themselves. Its a horrible thing to do. What benefits do sex workers provide to this world? Nothing but endless sex and they prey on men and women and destroy their lives they have built. They are not needed in this world. As a women would you really sell your self to other men for money? Why don't you have a bit more respect for yourself. Honestly sex workers make me sick and throw up. Gross. THANK YOU FOSTA for helping the degraded part of society.

  • Women can make changes, other than getting a male hard!

    Why? Just why degrade women. Sex is supposed to be a beautiful, natural thing, but sex work changes all of that. In my honest complete opinion sex wor takes the joy out of sex. If a male just wants to have sex just buy some lube, and masterbate for petesakes. I mean that is much better than making a woman feel like she has to have sex with someone or she isn't good enough.

  • Sex work creates danger and damage

    Sex work doesn't overall reap positive benefits in terms of healthy relationships or values, but it more often links to crime, violence, and human damage whether it's relationships, children or STDs - whether it is legal or not - so why accept this legally - these are not good outcomes and our law should help set and deter dangerous behaviours that are harmful to other either directly or indirectly. Sex workers and clients often don't consider the domino effect or consequences of what they do in the wider context, and if not because sex workers are trapped then we are encouraging trafficking to use the blurred lines of sex work to continue exploitation and violation of human rights. Banning is more easier to enforce than regulating. If a sex worker chooses to continue doing sex work and putting them self in dangers and its illegal like other criminals - they are responsible for that choice. It doesn't mean they should be attacked etc but by doing sex work they are basically choosing it over finding other work which is the other less damaging choice. It also reduces the damage their line of sex work causes to others.

  • No it should not be banned

    Sex work is one of the oldest professions. If someone wants to sell their body and someone wants to pay for it, why not. Sex work should however be more regulated with mandatory "safety" checks such as medical testing and mandatory disease preventative measures. Just like any other job, there should be regulations in place to make it the safest it can be.

  • Keeping sex Work Illegal actually is creating multitude of risks including child abuse, violent crimes against women, and spread of STDs.

    Decriminalization means respecting sex workers ( mostly women's) choice. Imagine a society where sex workers and clients can simply report underage or coercion simply by calling authority and advocacy group without the fear of criminalization. Sex workers can also report abusive clients or clients who refuse to use condoms. Sex Work will never go away, it time to make it safe and open, so our society can continue the debate without creating more unnecessary harm.

  • Sex work shouldn't be banned

    Sex work should not be banned. This is because of the fact that people should be free to offer and to pay for sexual services as long as they are safe and regulated. To ban sex services would be an infringement on freedom, which is the basis of our country.

  • Keep sex work legal, work on banning sex slavery.

    I think that exploitation of sex work, and the sex slave trafficking business should be banned. However, on an individual level I have no problem whatsoever with sex work. If a woman or man wants to do what comes naturally to them, and can turn a profit for them, I think it should be allowed.

  • No, I don't

    Sorry, trying to guide the question to a certain answer doesn't make it more right. People benefit from this, it's a release, it's a step into a fantasy world that isn't realistic. To those that are misguided, sure, it may give them impressions of what sex is like that aren't accurate, but that does not speak for the majority. It serves a purpose.

  • I don’t think that all sex work should be banned.

    I don’t think that all sex work should be banned. Sex work is a natural part of life. It is said that prostitution is the oldest
    profession. That is because there must
    be supply to satisfy the demand. If sex
    work was legal all over the world, a lot of people would be happier.

  • Can't stop sex.

    You can ban sex workers, but you can't stop people from having sex. Banning prostitution will only force the prostitutes to work illegally. Which means they are not protected by the law. Sex slavery and forced prostitution will increase. As well as rape, because people will find less relief. This all will increase the amount of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.
    And on a site note, you can't tax illegal work either.
    So in short, it would only make things worse.

  • People will have sex

    The eradication of sex workers is desired by some for reason that are illogical such as spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However if there is no sex workers, people will just get there sex in other ways and so the problem will continue. In the same way, it will not stop men cheating on their wives or wives cheating on their husbands (yes it goes both ways). To be more effective and less dangerous sex work should be legally allowed and then it can be monitored, that will make the sex workers lives safer and the clients less at risk.

  • Here we go with the b-word again..

    No. Stop the banning things, it only ever exacerbates the problems associated with what is being banned. Now, if we regulated it, made sure these girls (or dudes!) are clean, made sure they wore proper protection, made sure they were safe and respected, made sure they had decent medical care, good golly, what could be so bad about that. Let's be honest here; some of the women in the world are airheads, and some of the men in the world are thick as snot, and both, probably capable of nothing else. In a world where increasingly, we see a need for higher education, while at the same time, making it available only to those who had nice, well-rounded upbringings and wealthy parents, we need to explore all options for money-making.

    We should also be working on freeing up our over-loaded prison system, not adding more non-violent offenders to it. Banning does nothing but victimize those with mental health issues, and those who have fallen on hard times.

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