Don't you think that healthier school lunches will help our brains work in class?

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  • Student's academic performance can improve if they choose to eat healthy

    Many students need to think first before eating fast food in school. In general people need to think about what choices they are making for what they are about to eat. Eating fast food may affect how the students academic performance in school. If students eat much healthier than fast food, students’ academic performance will rise and they will do better in school.
    Many sociologists and economists have looked closely at the impact of a student’s diet and nutrition on academic and behavioral outcomes. Researchers generally find that a higher quality diet is associated with better performance on exams. Other studies find that improving the quality student’s diets leads to students being on task more often, increases math test scores, possibly increases reading test scores, and increases attendance. There is evidence that eating healthier in general will help people’s academic performance in school. It’s understandable that fast food in schools are less expensive and more accessible.
    There are only a few advantages of having fast food in schools and one of the main advantages of allowing fast food in school if a particular day a child does not bring food to school, than he/she does not have to remain hungry and can have something to saturate his or her hunger. Along with that, fast food is very accessible, and it’s one of those easy-to-eat foods that can be eaten on the go. Most of these foods are also quite cheap, and it becomes an economical purchase to them. One of the main reasons it’s that students or children in general will rather have fast food because fast food taste so good for them. Burgers, fries, pizza and sweets in general taste good for those who choose these foods. It’s not the fast food’s fault, it’s the choice the person made. People are allowed to choose for what they do.
    Although this is true, Fast foods is not cheaper in most cases. Although fast food can be cheaper than the following healthy diet, people can plan a healthy diet including low-cost foods that will save people’s money compared to a diet based on fast foods and convenience foods. According to an article published in “Family Medicine” in April 2010. This study determined that a healthy diet based on generic, frozen and bulk whole foods was actually less expensive than buying fast food for every meal.
    Not only fast food is more expensive, fast foods can cause obesity due to fast food.

  • Apples are BRAIN FOOD!

    You know how they say that healthy food is brain food? Well, I believe the same thing. Please respond by Tomorrow, because i am dong a project in school and this will really help me, thank you! (OH AND I HOPE TO SEE A LOT OF YES'S HERE!) Good Bye!

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