Doomsday Clock expected to move closer to midnight as threat of global annihilation grows. Has Trump made the world less safe?

  • Yes, Trump has made the world less safe.

    In the first few days and weeks of the Trump presidency has already focused on climate change denial, as well as deregulating environmental safeguards. These actions will move the country and the world closer to irreparable environmental damage. Additionally, Trump's disrespect of other nations has strained the relationships between the United States and other nations, which makes diplomacy less possible, leading to loss of allies.

  • No, the Doomsday Clock is nothing more than fear mongering.

    The Doomsday Clock should see its own end. Originally intended as a metaphorical way to represent concerns about world events, it has become a means for fear mongering. There is nothing inherently scientific in the assessment that we are moving toward global annihilation. While I am certainly not a a fan of Trump in general, tactics such as this are being used to create controversy about the President.

  • No, Trump has not made the world less safe.

    President Trump has not made the world less safe. The world was a very dangerous place on January 19, 2017, and its still a dangerous place today. Trump's policies may actually be less hawkish - giving America a better chance at staying out of long wars in the future years.

  • It is already better.

    Other nations are quickly learning that they cannot run all over the United States anymore. In order for the United States to be a strong country, the country needs to put their own interests and their own security first. They cannot expect the United States to give them a ton of money.

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