• Most likely will happen

    The reason I think doomsday will happen is because the fact that we will constantly do thing that will mess up the world. I have been told that the world is expected to end for sure. What if I can't find a way to save my life or others. That is why I can't believe in a great future.😤💀☠🤖

  • Eventually, the world will inevitably end.

    Be it by man or cosmic disaster, the end of the world as we know it is inevitable. It is not a question of if such a cataclysmic event will occur, but when. The only way we would be able to survive such an event would be to seek refuge in the stars.

  • I am a firm believer in Doomsday.

    I believe that Doomsday is very likely. Whether it will be from natural disaster or man-made, that is yet to be determined. However, we need to be prepared. My uncle is a Doomsday prepper and I have learned a lot from him as well as my father on how to be prepared. My father is a farmer. We have had many conversations saying that the people who live in the city are far less prepared. The reasons I believe in Doomsday are rather simple.
    1. Global warming.
    2. If we keep hurting the Earth, eventually, I believe Earth will begin fighting for itself. Self-preservation and natural selection. We only occupy the Earth. Humans can be compared to a parasite to our planet, sucking the life out of it at every turn to keep ourselves alive and keep our lives easier.
    3. Politics and nuclear power. I don't think this needs much more to be said.

  • No just because of the name doomsday.

    A global war, or ww3 yes i do believe we are headed toward war. Unfortunately the world leaders and the citizens of the world haven't learned form history. But they is still some hope that our leaders will or could avoid the coming war, before it to late. I do believe if a 3rd war starts, it will be limited, meaning the world leaders will not doom us all. Just a good percentage of the population. So no doomsday will not happen to us all.

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