Doris Day's 90th birthday: Are movie actresses of today as glamorous and classy as older movie stars like Doris Day?

  • Glamorous Movie Stars.

    Since the beginning of time movies actors, and actresses are glamorous as they were back in the day, the way that they are carried in the public eye is what makes them so glamorous, but we see them on the outside, have anyone ever wondered how they feel on the inside?

  • No, Hollywood has lost its class.

    Hollywood has really lost its class in current society. We're always hearing about scandals, drug use, and other things that have knocked celebrities off their pedestals. Doris Day was considered quite wholesome, and that's a word that comes right to mind when people think of her. It would be nice if there were celebrities like that today, but nowadays it seems more "in" to be racy and controversial.

  • No - movie stars have lost their glamor.

    I don't think that current movie stars are as glamorous and classy these days than back in Doris Day's day. Now movie stars are more likely to try and make themselves accessible to the fans, using the media to get attention for themselves, not just for the movies they're in. Older movie stars had an almost air of mystery surrounding them, which I think is lost on celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan or Angelina Jolie, who like to flaunt their personal lives.

  • Old style movie stars hold the award for class

    Movie stars of years gone by still appear to be classier than modern celebrities. For a start, they actually looked like real women and not unattainably perfect like modern film stars seem to be. Also, they seem to portray an air of mystery whereas today's actresses's lives are all out there in the media for anyone to see - and most of what they do isn't very classy.

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