• No More Fat

    Even thou i like Fried chicken, That stuff is full of fating and calories. All of that grease from the deep firer makes everyone fat. Remember that Every piece of chicken You Will and always makes you fat with calories and being fat is not good. Good bye new york

  • No chicken is not

    I eat nothing but chicken for 8 months, one whole chicken per day.
    I lost 6 stone over that time.
    Chicken may have fat contents but fat does not make us fat only sugar
    foods make us fat, the body only stores glucose, known as sugar.
    Not only did I loss the weight but reduced high blood pressure to normal

  • No you loss weight

    I can only tell you I eat one whole Chicken per day with bottled water for drinking, And over a period of 7 months lost 6 stone of weight. Chicken may have fat contents but has no sugar, people meed to realise fatty foods do not make us fat, only sugar foods the body only stores sugar.

  • Everything in moderation.

    Chicken, by itself, is a lean meat. Most of the 'unhealthy' preparation methods use things that are high in fat and sodium, such as oil and buttery sauces. Also, everything should be consumed in moderation. Just like how too much caffeine can kill you, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Anything can kill you if you get enough of it.

  • It does not

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  • It's all about portions.

    Grilled chicken, for instance, is actually pretty good for you, and is packed with protein. If it's fried chicken like in the picture, then it's not the kind of food you should eat often, because fried foods are fatty and not as good for you. And too much of any food can make you fat.

  • Protein is good....

    Chicken is protein, it helps repair and restore things in your body. It helps to build muscle, aids your cell structure to become stronger, they make your body be able to move, it helps you to do exercise for a longer period without getting tired or the need to have a break.

    Fried chicken is bad though. It is fatty, oily and definitely not as beneficial to the body.

  • Depends on the kind

    Although chicken is a lean meat, many people fry it or add oils and sauces that make it fattening. There are many ways to cook chicken, and lots of those ways add grease and calories to it. But that is the way it is cooked. Chicken itself does not make you fat unless you fry it or add fat to it!

  • That's the same as saying does the Fork make you fat? Or do guns kill?

    People make their own choices. Chicken is lean meat there is a such thing as too much of a good thing. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again that's a disorder which needs to be looked into. If you balance you meals with healthy fruits and vegetables and have chicken as the main course in healthy portions (This means no full bucket of chicken for a single person) then you will not become fat from the behavior. As Mathgeekjoe put it. "More calories than you burn."

  • You only become fat if you eat more calories than you burn.

    If you eat 10,000 calories worth of chicken then burn 10,000 calories, you gain zero fat. If I eat no chicken but still burn less calories than I eat, i will gain fat. If I eat a some fried chicken and then burn more calories than I eat, I will lose fat. Chicken in of itself doesn't make someone fat, it is merely eating more than you burn that makes someone fat.

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