• Women are hoes. Bottom line.

    Particularly attractive women. They like to use the fact that there attractive to hang sex and kinship over the man in order to get what she wants. And she knows that he'll do it. And if he refuses. . No love for him. Let alone sex. Women think there ass gives them a pass. And the women who say otherwise do so because there ugly. They don't have a choice in the matter. They know deep down that if they demanded the man pay for all of her expensive shit then he'd leave her for the next hot hussy to come around. So its no duh that unattractive women are going to say she wants a man for his personality and kindness. The fatty doesn't have a choice. She may want to charge the man for her service in secrete but she knows she can't. This is why a lot of men - including me - think of dating as prostitution.

  • Love is love, Not purchase

    You'd have a true lover than a spoiled millionaire. Love doesn't depend on money. Relationships depends on if the partners are able to stay and rich people usually go away when they are rich enough. You don't need to BUY love consider you could just, Like marry the other person.

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