Dota 2 or League Of Legend(LOL) which more advanced and difficult?

Asked by: rimooraok
  • Dota 2 more difficult to play rather than LOL

    Dota 2 is more difficult than LOL because of many aspects that we need to be consider. One of it is the items in dota 2 is more advance in ways to get it. When playing LOL, you didn't farm hard as dota 2. You can have many useful items in cheap price in LOL but in Dota 2 you need to farm more gold to advanced your items. Its one of my opinions,tq

  • DOTA 2 is more difficult and complicated.

    Note that I have played very little DOTA. I have played both, but from the little that I have played of DOTA, I think it is the more complicated between the two games. League of Legends is still the better game in my opinion, but DOTA is more complex and hardcore.

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