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  • It is Better

    Dota 2 has been around for longer. The community has been developed for longer then league of legends. Dota 2 doesn't have the players buy the characters and you can deny kills witch is not in League of Legends. Dota and lol are very similar to each other. Little diffrences make dota better to me.

  • Well You See

    First Of all I can't tell what to choose because there is no, Yes For DOTA and No for League, So I'm just gonna assume this is the league option. League is better. More fun. More Diverse. More Replay-ability. More Up-To-Date. Bigger Player Pool. Feels more rewarding Because you have to buy your own things (In game Money) and progress based on your own skill. Succeeds everywhere Dota doesn't

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vmpire321 says2014-01-16T18:30:18.527
How is that a yes or no question