Double Jeopardy Rule, Abolition of: Should cases be subject to a reanalysis of the evidence after the firs trial?

  • Once proven innocent, how can someone be guilty?

    It is very difficult to win a criminal case against the
    American justice system. Going to trial
    is very time consuming, and incredibly expensive. It can also be an extremely draining
    experience. If a defendant goes through
    all of this and is exonerated, then I believe it should be illegal for the that
    person found innocent to be tried for the same crime again.

  • Yes all possibilities should be explored

    If new evidence comes to light, trials should be able to be reanalyzed. People deserve the right for all avenues to be considered, and sometimes new things are learned long after a trial ends. A reanalysis of the same evidence, though, should not take place. Only new evidence should be able to change a ruling.

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