Double Jeopardy Rule, Abolition of: Should guilt be the primary criteria for trials, not whether a defendant has been tried before?

  • trial for every accused.

    I think that guilt should be the primary criteria for trials and its should be followed by every guilt. I think everyone who is accused of something should be brought to trial. It would be beneficiary to both parties. Trial would bring out the truth of the matter whether someone is right or wrong.

  • No, a defendant should not be tried for the same crime more than once.

    The double jeopardy rule should remain in place in order to prevent the judicial system from grinding to a standstill. If defendants were able to be tried more than once for the same crime, the number of cases before the courts would skyrocket. The right to a speedy trial is important, and that right would be threatened by clogging up the courts with repeat trials.

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