Doublethink! Does George Orwell's '1984' mirror our reality?

Asked by: Drefosa
  • Its much worse than that.

    A popular liberal cliche holds that george orwell was only wrong about the date. But he also vastly underestimated the tools that the ruling class would have available (the telescreen was already obsolete when the first camcorders were sold); and most of all, the ruling class is far more sadistic and vindictive than even he could have imagined.

  • USAis the dictator of the world.

    Many people might not see it but all movies made in the usa brainwash people convincing them that USA's enemys are terrorists, without even a reason why. Moreover usa films are made to remove the morality from people. It makes it seem that doing something bad is cool and funny. Usa is doing this because it doesnt want people who know who the true terrorists are to fight them and it doesnt want great people to rise. Notice that unlike a long time ago people dont care about honor or glory.

  • Orwell's world draws on clear parallels that suggest that we, infact are the proleteraits (Proles)

    Orwell was a noted marxist whom seemed to see the world differently form his equals. The paty employs form of philosophical indoctrination in which the subjects are forced to "willingly" accept two opposing midsets in oder to keep their sanity. Double-think is the concious mind willingly losing to the unconcious mind.

  • Liberty and democracy still hold sway

    George Orwell's 1984 presents a world in which personal freedom and liberty have been quashed to such an extent that people are essentially a single homogeneous blob, their routines are identical(ish) and they are all subject to constant scrutiny by a state interested only in maintaining its' vice-like grip on power.

    To even begin to compare western society to such a horrific vision of the future is to do it a great disservice. In modern western society governments exist (mainly) to do the will of the people and Liberty and Freedom are still the measuring-rod through which we gauge society's progress. Men and Women can aspire to positions of power even whilst holding views contrary to the current government and do not have to fear elimination or 're-education'. Furthermore there are as of yet no superstates of the scale described by Orwell and humanity has so far managed to avoid perpetual war.

    In conclusion whilst our world today may not be fair or functional it is far from Dystopian.

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