'Doughnut Day' celebrated in the United States on June 3rd: should the holiday be eliminated given the nation's obesity epidemic?

  • A national holiday about giving out free doughnuts is just the start

    People feel that this holiday is just another harmless holiday that allows people to be able to enjoy sweets and overall enjoy the first Friday of June. However, what is really happening is that America is just creating another holiday that's primary goal is to overall cause the obesity rate to go up. It's really sad because most Americans are too gullible and naïve to see through the smoke and mirrors. So if people want to become morbidly obese and develop high blood pressure, or just overall lose their shape, be my guest. Don't say I didn't warn you when our obesity rate increases substantially in the next few years.

  • It should be eliminated

    It needs to be eliminated because people might have obese and kids should only have a little bit of sugar not heaps of sugar otherwise they will miss out of having all the fun because they won't have fun being overweight. That is why they shouldn't have doughnut day otherwise it would be terrible.

  • Doughnut Day should not be eliminated.

    Although the nation faces and extremely terrifying obesity epidemic, Doughnut Day is a great holiday that brings fun and excitement to the beginning of June. The fact that many people struggle with obesity is not a reason to completely eliminate a holiday that so many folks enjoy. And for those who are struggling with obesity, they need a cheat day here and there anyway.

  • No, don't take my doughnut

    That is a ridiculous contemplation. Nobody is forcing anybody to eat doughnuts on this day. It's a fun little celebration, go out and get a doughnut and be done with it. It is not called "eat a whole box of doughnuts day" so people should not try to. What is wrong with people?

  • No it should not be eliminated.

    We should not eliminate national doughnut day because some people have a weight problem. A majority of people enjoy sweet and desserts moderately and shouldn't have to suffer because a small percentage tends to overeat. If that were the case we should eliminate many other things like tobacco before considering this.

  • National Doughnut Day is a harmless holiday that should not be abolished.

    The first Friday of June is recognized as National Doughnut Day in the United States. The minor holiday dates back to the 1930's to recognize the efforts of the Salvation Army serving doughnuts to World War I soldiers (Dough-boys). The holiday is harmless, fun, and cannot be blamed for any rising obesity epidemic that effects the United States in the 21st Century. It celebrates our veterans and not sugary snacks.

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