Dow hits record: Will US stocks continue to rise with the announcement of Donald Trump as president?

  • Donald Trump will be a pro-business president, so US stocks should continue to rise.

    Since Donald Trump has promised to reduce the rate of corporate taxation as well as income tax rates for the rich, US stocks are likely to continue their recent rise, at least in the short term. It may be that in the longer term the rise may be curtailed, as Mr Trump is such an unknown quantity and has some anti-business ideas like increased tariffs.

  • US Stocks Will Rise

    I believe that, at least for a while, US stocks will continue to rise now that Donald Trump has been announced president. I think that due to his financial basis and the backing many believe will happen in this country that stocks will rise and then plateau within the next couple of months.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Like most if not all politicians, what Trump said to get elected and what he will actually achieve whilst in power will probably be entirely different therefore markets and the world in general should just calm down and wait and see.That moment when Wall Street realizes that they'll benefit more under Trump than Hillary. Oh the irony is rich!

  • They'll rise up to a point.

    I think the markets have recovered due to the protests against Trump, which show the American people have not lost their humanity and because Trump has tempered his campaign promises. I think that the financial markets will be more or less stable during Trump's presidency as he seems to be shifting his position to the center quite readily.

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