• Slow Start is a Natural Correction

    The stock market has been facing a likely correction for some time now, so it should not come as a surprise to anyone. The good news is that since appears to be happening now so early in the year, the bounce back over the course of 2015 will likely leave the overall market in decent shape by the time 2016 rolls around.

  • Double Digit Gains

    The forecast calls for stock market 2015 double digit gains. This does not mean there will not be areas of no concern, because there always will be. You can never control what investors do, but you can control yourself and your response to the exciting opportunities that come your way.

  • No, Not As Long As Oil Continues Dropping

    No, I do not believe the stock market will be strong in 2015. I believe that the price of crude oil has dropped to the point where it has started to affect the stock market. I think investors are pulling back until they see what effect this will have on the economy. I do not see the stock market rallying while oil continues to drop.

  • No, falling oil prices will negatively affect the strength of the stock market in 2015.

    The low price of oil in the final quarter of 2014 has made investors cautious of the stock market. The recent rally in the market, which is largely based on nothing except high expectations, will deflate by the time the unnaturally low oil prices are felt by the oil industry.

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