Dow starts to make a recovery: Will the stock market continue to be volatile this quarter?

  • Volatility Is The Name of the Game

    The technical aspects of the current state of the stock market suggest that the level of volatility we are seeing will continue going forward. Market sentiment from the big players is starting to show some concern, which should help push the market further downward. However, with the tax year-end coming, many people will be investing which should allow for some increases as well. The roller coaster market will continue.

  • The stock market will continue a roller coaster type of ride.

    With all the major political situations going on world wide, the stock market will continue to be volatile. Investors need to be wary as at any given time, stocks could slide down, or plunge upward. It is a time when ample research needs to be done before investing in any stocks, and it is also a good time to find long term investments.

  • Yes I believe the stock market will volatile this quarter.

    The markets are constantly changing and that's why stock results can be unpredictable. Although, when a stock markets starts to recover, you can sort of see whether or not they'll succeed. In the markets anything can change so I do believe Dow will continue its recovery and help the markets.

  • Yes, the stock market will not continue its hot streak.

    The Dow has had one of its worst weeks on record, and the economic climate is simply not strong enough at the moment to spark any optimism in the financial sector. While the recovery is beginning, there will still be the normal ups and downs and it will not return to the high level it reached earlier in the year.

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