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Dr. Sanjay Gupta on marijuana: Do you believe cannabis is as bad as some experts say?

  • No legitimate purpose.

    The FDA has studied marijuana for years, and they have not been able to come up with any viable use for marijuana. Also, when you buy a tobacco cigarette, it comes with filters and it has been made as safe as possible. Marijuana is not regulated, and there are no filters on joints.

  • It depends on the person

    I definitely agree with some experts about the dangers and bad effects of marijuana. These effects will affect some people worse than others. It's very much like alcohol in my opinion. Some people can just drink a few beers with no issues. Some people can't drink in moderation and have major issues with alcohol abuse.

  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta on marijuana

    I believe cannabis is as bad as some experts say I believe that it can make you feel like you have no ambition and kill brain cells you would otherwise use. I also think it has its benefits in helping people so I think it is more of a danger to people who abuse it.

  • Who Says It Is Bad

    Having just read the AMA on Reddit yesterday from Dr. Sanjay Gupta, it is clear he finds benefits with marijuana, especially for medical treatments. Very few experts say cannabis is bad, in fact I've heard less of that propaganda and rhetoric this year than I have in many previous years. In fact, the piece of propaganda I did get what from my Missouri state representative that informed me that marijuana was a gateway drug. It was the same form letter I received ten years ago.

  • Marijuana is a trivial drug.

    The dangers of marijuana pale in comparison to alcohol (considered the most dangerous, presumably because of high prevalence with adverse health effects) and cigarettes. Studies have also been done to examine the potential risk of driving under the influence of marijuana and found that while marijuana reduces the user's risk of responding to emergency situations, users compensate and drive more carefully, while alcohol users tend to exhibit more risky/reckless behavior with reduced judgement. I do not use this drug and have no real bias for it,

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