DREAM Act: Is the DREAM Act's "earned" citizenship a good idea?

  • It Will Boost The Economy

    The DREAM Act only applies to young people already in the United States who were
    brought here as children, it would not apply to anyone arriving later, so it cannot act as a
    “magnet” encouraging others to come.

    The Dream Act Has Requirement so not just anyone can be given legal rights

  • DREAM Act: Right idea, wrong implementation.

    This country was founded by illegal immigrants who squashed the culture of the original Americans and forced them to make room. Ever since then each wave of immigrants gets comfortable and treats the next wave in a manner that perhaps the original natives should have met the first European settlers. We need to welcome immigrants at the border instead of setting up methods forcing them to sneak in seeking forgiveness rather than permission. The DREAM act means well but in effect it is just putting another loophole in place for illegal immigrants to base their next plan of attack.

  • No. The DREAM Act puts current citizens at risk.

    No. The DREAM Act is not a viable program for immigration. As the act proposes, it allows immigrants that are already in the country illegally, the opportunity to be provided temporary citizenship, with full citizenship possible as long as they remain productive citizens and obtain a college education. The issue with this is that our own population should be given the first opportunity to be accepted into an accredited college before a person who is here illegally is granted access.

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