• The terrorists are there.

    Yes, in the wake of the Dresden bombing, it is obvious that Europe is addressing terrorism too late, because the terrorists are already in the European Union. The EU has an open border policy. That means, once the terrorists are in any country they are in every country. There is no way to vet them now. They are there until they strike.

  • Terrorism is a tactic

    You can't fight a war against a tactic. Especially one that is fueled by overreach in the Middle East. When one of the "Allies" bombs a wedding in Pakistan and kills 5 people, it instantly creates more terrorists than that because now people have a personal reason to get upset. We'll never defeat terrorism, and that's why the government sold us this "war." It'll never end, and that's just the way they want it.

  • Never too late to address terrorism

    No, Europe is not addressing terrorism too late. It is never too late--or too early--to address terrorism. There will likely always be some form of terrorism in the world. It is just part of our world's nature to have some evil. It is the duty of all good people to fight that evil at any time they can.

  • No, Europe is not addressing terrorism too late.

    No, Europe is not addressing terrorism too late because it has been on everyone's minds for years. Terrorism will never go away, and Europe understands how to fight it on its own soil. Europe is doing everything it can to eradicate terrorism and keep all of its people safe in the future.

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