Drew Peterson found guilty of hiring hitman: Did the jury make the right decision?

  • Trial by jury is difficult, but just.

    Hiring a hitman to murder a prosecutor does not seem unlikely for a person like Peterson, who was already behind bars for a previous murder. Without knowing the specific facts of this court case, it seems likely that the jury came to a just decision. Everyone gets their fair trail in front a jury of their peers. The jury faced a difficult task and surely made the right decision.

  • Accessory to murder

    Hiring a hitman to kill someone is really not different from doing the killing itself. It still signifies a lack of respect for human life and a malicious intent. Peterson was rightfully found guilty and the jury deserves credit for applying logic to the case and making the right decision.

  • Yes, all the evidence was there.

    There was no other decision they could have come to, to be honest. All of the evidence was stacked against him and the testimony was just too strong. Life is not an action movie where you can hire hitmen on park benches and think you can get away with it.

  • The jury made the correct decision.

    The jury who convicted this man of hiring a hit man made the right decision in considering him guilty because although he did not commit murder himself, he had intent to kill another in mind without doing it himself. Just because the man doesn't actually commit a murder, his own idea to have this action carried does make him guilty of murder.

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