Driftnet ban: Is a ban important as a means to reduce "by-catch"?

  • Fishing resources need to be protected

    While bans on many industries are detrimental to the world as a whole, one resource that could directly benefit from international regulation is fisheries. Lack of self control by fisherman throughtout the world have led to over fishing some areas, in addition to catching and killing some endangered species. Driftnets serve to increase catches while also increasing fishing rates, and leads to the destruction of endangered species - they should be banned.

  • Depleted fishing sources will be a bi-product of by-catch.

    Banning driftnets is an important step in reducing "by-catch." By-catch will destroy ecosystems if it is not live when it is returned to it's system. Decaying by-catch releases large levels of nitrogen which chokes out other living creatures which may include the catch sought after in the first place. In order to ensure the health and livelihood of the resources we do seek to catch we must recognize the important place that by-catch animals and materials play in the ecosystem we remove them from.

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