Driftnet ban: Should a ban extend into Exclusive Economic Areas?

  • Yes, I do believe that a ban should extend into exclusive economic area

    I believe that in order to have a less manipulated economic system we need to have acts and orders set in place in our financial system that will reduce the expansion of exclusive economic areas such as Wall Street, Zurich, and London. I believe this sort of implementation can help reduce economic slippage.

  • Driftnet Bands Should Extend into Exclusive Economic Areas

    While I do support the rights of each country to make laws for its own water, I think that the rights of animals super cede this. I believe that there should be a driftnet ban that extends into exclusive economic areas because driftnets have been found to catch, trap, or kill many animals other than fish. These animals include sharks, sea lions, manta rays, sea birds, and more.

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