Driftnet ban: Should there be a worldwide ban on the use of driftnets to catch fish?

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  • Don't ban all drift nets

    Putting a blanket ban on drift nets is just a ridiculous idea, it would put the UK under 10 metre fleet out of a job over night and the knock on affect to other jobs in the industry would be felt by the whole country. So I vote no to a ban

  • Don't ban the driftnet

    Driftnets are a vital part of fishermen's equipment, and thus, lifestyles and income. Why should such people be prevented from earning a living and helping people simply because of a minor environmental impact? It's time we stop being such tree huggers and be sensible for a change. Time to act rightly.

  • No need for a ban

    To ban all driftnets to catch fish is being too drastic. Yes the use of driftnets does need to be limited and there should be laws, but to take it away from everyone is not the answer. Too many companies that use driftnet properly would be punished by a law like that.

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