• Legal adults at 18.

    At 18 you become a legal adult. Let's take a look at all the things that you can do at 18. You can vote. You can be tried as an adult in court. You can serve in the army. You can work in a bar. You can serve on a jury. You can adopt a child. But you can't drink.

    It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that at 18 you can decide who runs our country for the next four years, but you can't legally buy a glass of wine at a restaurant. Clearly something is wrong.

  • Shouldn't have a drinking age

    We have such a bad drinking epidemic is because it's something that we shroud in mystery. Telling kids that it's horrible if you drink it before you're 21, but after you turn 21... Oh yeah it's great! It's so inconsistent and the situation is handled so poorly that it's no surprise this question is coming up. Kids who grew up in homes where their parents were more strict, ended up being crazy party animals when they went to college. We all know about that. We shouldn't lock kids up for drinking, it's stupid. You warn them about it, and leave it up to them because they are human beings. Let the parents be in control, not the government. Also, if kids want to drink then they will drink whether you like it or not. It's entirely their choice and making alcohol so mysterious makes them very curious. It's just how humans work. Now stop telling them what to do with their lives because of your personal beliefs and we wouldn't be having this stupid conversation.

  • Yes, the drinking age should be lowered.

    At the moment the U.S. drinking age is 21. They should move it back down to 18 like it used to be. 18 year olds can vote and go to war, but they can't have a beer? That seems inconsistent. With proper education from the 18 year olds parents/guardians on alcohol issues, the citizen will make more logical choices as well as understanding the potential dangers. Other countries with drinking ages at 18 have shown statistically lower accidents and injuries in a variety of categories. Selling alcohol to minors will also fall dramatically.

  • It's not necessary

    It's bad enough we have so many drunk driving deaths and you want to increase that? Teenagers are hormonal time bombs (guys too, testosterone) and you want to make them even more unstable with alcohol? I guarantee you teens would start killing each other, robbing stores or even terroism with homemade bombs. And is it necessary? No. People are lucky alcohol isn't banned completely like it almost was in the past

  • I think it should be raised

    The research is now quite clear that young people's brains are still developing and growing into the mid twenties. We have also now proven that excessive alcohol consumption can damage the brain development and stop people from reaching their full potential.

    Young people have not yet developed the forethought to make these decisions for themselves.

  • In Australia they are talking about raising the drinking age:

    Currently in Australia, our drinking age is 18, there has been countless talk, about adopting the American drinking age of 21, to solve, largely the same alcohol related problems that everyone else has. Either that or major reforms of the Alcohol industry over here.

    Lowering the drinking age won't solve a thing, it will just increase the customer base, of the alcohol companies. It will also increase the likely hood of younger people trying to use fake ID's to buy beer, right now over in America you have to worry about 17/18 year old trying to buy beer, over here its 15/17 year olds.

  • Can they handle it?

    Even at the age of 21, too many young adults who can't control themselves drink unresposibly and things always end in a tragic way...And you want to lower the limit for more immatures? Plus, alcohol taste so nasty anyway, why in the world is this nasty thing so popular? I don't get it...

  • TerribLe is the idea

    Why should we do that? Children s brains are not fully developed until about age 25. Why should we lower it if a 21 year old are out there being stupid with alcohol. I do not like that Idea at all. I think there is no more to be said good day

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