Drinking alcohol: Do you believe drinking a glass of wine each day improves your health?

  • Yes, a glass of wine is good medicine.

    I think that unless one is an alcoholic, it is a good idea to have a glass of wine daily or every other day. There are some beneficial components to wine. Our grandparents used to say when something ailed you to have a glass of wine or a bit of brandy and that's probably good folk wisdom.

  • Medical Studies Show Health Benefits to Drinking One Glass of Wine a Day

    Medical studies have shown that drinking one glass of organic red wine a day can have health benefits. Some may argue that drinking a glass of wine or alcohol may not improve health, but in recent years medical studies that are promoted by the media have shown that one glass of organic red wine can have benefits to cardiovascular and heart health.

  • Red wine can increase cancer!

    Red Wine can increase the risk of breast cancer, throat and mouth cancer, and other types of cancers that lead to the worse. Red wine can also lead to other health issues like diabetes and develop alcoholism and other serious problems LIKE CANCER ALL YOU DUMB PEOPLE YOU ARE ALL GONNA

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