Driver's license photo: Should the DMV be allowed to require a gender non-conforming teen to remove makeup for his driver's license photo?

  • Yes, they should.

    The DMV license should show someone for what they look like without makeup. No glasses, no hats. If someone were arrested, and they took a mugshot, or they ran out of makeup for that day, then they should be seen for who they are. People who disagree with this rule are generally over sensitive and have partisan agendas, or have experienced something like this themselves. I am just looking at this objectively.

  • They need a clear photo.

    Yes, the DMV should be allowed to require a gender non-conforming teen to remove makeup for his driver's license photo, because it is important that the DMV have a clear picture. The teen might not have intentionally been trying to obscure his picture, but the state still needs a clear photo for identification purposes.

  • Yes, make them remove it.

    They should have to remove the makeup. It is a photo for the gender stated. They should not be allowed to wear makeup. It is a standard photo. They can wear makeup at any other time. A photo should be a regular photo for identification. The makeup may hinder identification of the stated person.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the DMV should hold the power to require someone to take makeup off for a photo. It is bad enough that we aren't allowed to smile for these photos. I really don't see the point of trying to do this because it simply means the photo won't be realistic to real life.

  • Absolutely not - it's his right

    I can't imagine why on earth the DMV would even care about something that does not affect them in any way. This teenager has every right to wear makeup in his photo if he so chooses. It's not like he wants to wear a mask - makeup will not make him unrecognizable. This isn't an issue of security, it's that the general public does not like gender nonconformity.

  • Does it really even matter?

    I don't mean the fact that he doesn't conform to a gender, but I am refering to the fact that it really doesn't matter, if they wear the makeup all the time. They don't ask women to remove their makeup, so why should they have to? It just doesn't make sense...

  • No They should not

    If a girl is wearing makeup to an interview then they will be wearing makeup if they get pulled over and have to show there licens. And makeup cant change you so your unreconizabe but i undersand if makeup makes the camera look bad but the important part of a licens in name and information

  • It's what he looks like.

    It only makes sense to take a picture of what you look like normally, as opposed to your natural look. You might as well show his skeleton on the license if "natural" matters.

    Brain studies prove that transgenders are literally in the wrong body, and in America it is your right.

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