Drivers licenses for Illegal immigrants in the US: Is there a legal basis for the proposition?

  • Yes. There is a legal basis for the proposition?

    Illegal immigrants living in California are going to be eligible to use a driver's license. The law is a triumph for Latino and different immigration rights activists. UN agencies have fought for many years for such a law. The law is part of an effort to expand immigrant rights in California.

  • No Driving For Illegal Immigrants

    If we reward the illegal immigrants with something like driving, they will think that because they did something illegal, that it is now okay. We can't give them driving licenses because they will think that if they do more illegal things, they won't get in trouble for it. So they shouldn't be able to get drivers licenses.

  • No, it is condoning their behavior.

    No, there is no legal basis for giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, because that would be glorifying and conding the fact that they came to this country illegally. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Even Americans are denied operator's licenses for certain reasons. No one has a right to a driver's license.

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