Drivers licenses for Illegal immigrants in the US: Should illegal immigrants in the United States be allowed to obtain drivers licenses?

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  • No, it would make more come illegally.

    No, illegal immigrants should not be given drivers license, because if people who are thinking about coming to this country illegally know that they can obtain driver's licenses, more of them will want to come here. It is wrong to reward people who have broken our laws by giving them licenses. It also makes other states accept the illegal licenses, because of the full faith and credit requirements.

  • No! They are here ILLEGALLY!

    They are here ILLEGALLY. That means they are not an actual citizen of the United States and should not be awarded the perks and privileges that regular United States Citizens have. If they want to drive LEGALLY, then they should apply to be here LEGALLY. I wish that more people understood the whole part about ILLEGALLY.

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