Drivers licenses for Illegal immigrants in the US: Will offering illegal immigrants driver's licenses make American roads safer?

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  • No. Because a smart illegal immigrant would not trust the governments intentions.

    I don't think any illegal immigrant will get drivers licenses because it identifies them as being criminals here illegally. They are identified as criminals because coming into this country without permission or over staying your allowed time is a crime. This opens up the very real possibility of the government simply identifying the illegal immigrants who have licenses and rounding them up and then deporting them.

  • Wrong sided and inexperienced drivers

    When people come to the U.S., they see everyone driving and they want to drive too. However, they do not have a social security card, a U.S. Birth certificate or a valid Visa. When I went to get my license, I was required to furnish both a social security card and a birth certificate to prove that I was an American citizen. This is not fair to the people that were born here, or came here legally. When you get people from other countries coming over illegally, many of them do not know how to drive, do not know what our signs mean due to all of them being in english. How are you to read a sign, not knowing what it means and expect to abide by the laws of the road? Some countries even drive on the left side of the road with the steering wheel on the right side of the car and then when the people from that country come here illegally, they would easily get confused by our cars, our roads, our signs, and even the speed, kpm vs. Mph. I do not think it wise nor safe to give them a license.

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