Drivers licenses for Illegal immigrants in the US: Will the proposition benefit the US economy?

  • Yes, allowing illegal immigrants to have a drivers license will benefit the US economy.

    Allowing illegal immigrants to apply and be granted a Drivers License in the US will boost the economy because the immigrants will be required to pay fees for their licenses. Also, they will most likely be required to start paying car insurance and car registration on a more official and consistent basis.

  • No they are criminal get rid of them

    Not only should illegal immigrants be denied drivers license rather than deport them if they are crossing the border illegally they should be sentenced to death 💀 why just build a wall build a death wall with machingun nests and electric fences and razor wire kill em if they try to cross and if cought inside the wall without documents then send them to court and if convicted of being a illegal immigrant then give them the death penalty that will stop illegal immigration

  • NO. They're criminals.

    Stop giving criminals anything that you would give an American citizen. They deserve nothing but a kick in the ass back over the border.

    No wonder they laugh at us when people propose stupid things like this.

    "Let's give all the criminals licenses so they can go vote and steal more identities and illegally remain here!"

  • No, this will not help.

    The idea of providing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants is ridiculous. Illegal immigrants should be sent back to their country. If they want to live here they have the right to come here legally. Illegal immigrants are criminals. Why are we harboring them? Why are they able to come into our country, get on welfare, and have general society pay for them? The only want to have illegal immigrants benefit our economy is to boot them out.

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