Drivers licenses for Illegal immigrants in the US: Will the proposition help decrease illegal immigration to the US?

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  • No it won't.

    Drivers licenses for illegal immigrants in the United States will not help decrease illegal immigrations, nor is it meant to. This is very relevant in my state, which I will not mention the name, and as far as I know this proposition is only meant to make the roads safer. Nothing else!

  • No, more legitimacy comes with granting more rights to Illegal Immigrants

    No, granting additional rights to persons already breaking United States law simply legitimizes their illegal occupation in the country. If granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants served as a way to identify them as illegal for the purpose of enforcing current immigration law, it could decrease the influx of those illegally residing in the country. However, the contrary is true. The A.C.L.U. will do everything in its power not to allow lawmakers to identify illegal residents to enforce current law. The thing most likely to discourage illegal residency in the U.S. is to enforce the current immigration laws, stop the anchor-baby abuses, deport any illegal immigrant found guilty of breaking the law, and deny public assistance.

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