Drivers licenses for Illegal immigrants in the US: Will the proposition improve (yes) or harm (no) national security?

  • Give them licenses

    The idea that illegal immigrants, largely from Mexico, are some sort of national security threat is laughable. The only true solution to illegal immigration is to build up and stop exploiting these nations, that is to stop the policies that drive these people to immigrate here to begin with. But even now this is not considered, so at the very least, give these illegals to risked death to have a life some rights.

  • What's the harm?

    National security is a slippery slope and given that we're already actively spying on our own citizens, I doubt illegals will get this opportunity. But here's the thing - there's more work for them here than in Mexico. And the unemployment rate is so high because they're being paid under the table for lower than minimum wage by their employers. They're not taking jobs that Americans would get, they're getting jobs that employers won't let Americans have because they're against the worker. The immigrants are driving up from Mexico to work. They're working hard. Let it be unambiguous.

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