• Police should test drivers for marijuana

    Police should give tests to see if people are driving under the influence of marijuana. While there may be a trend to legalize marijuana, this does not mean people should drive while under its influence. As with drinking, it impairs the driver's ability, including impairing judgement and a loss of focus.

  • Yes, I think so.

    We have a reliable and easy-to-use test to measure blood alcohol concentration. But right now we don’t have a fast, reliable test to gauge whether someone is too doped up to drive. 10 million Americans said they had driven while under the influence of illicit drugs during the previous year. Second to alcohol, marijuana is the drug most frequently found in drivers involved in crashes. But how do you know when you’re too stoned to drive? How can police tell?

  • Yes, there should be one.

    Marijuana should have a sobriety test just like alcohol. Driving under the influence of Pot is very dangerous--it can be deadly too. If states are going to legalize Pot, they are going to have to figure out how to regulate it - making sure that people are not driving under the influence.

  • No sobriety test needed for marijuana.

    Sobriety checkpoints are already borderline out of control. They create road hazards, delays, and inconvenience for those not under the influence. We don't need to encourage a new reasons for these. In the old days a person had to be showing signs of driving impaired. Not the case anymore. Just another example of invasion of privacy

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