Drone crash in South Korea: Will the drone crash lead to further armed conflict between North and South Korea?

  • Yes, there will be further problems in Korea

    I think that the recent crash of the drone in South Korea will definately lead to more further armed conflicted between North and South Korea. I think that it is just going to make the South Koreans more determined to be proactive in terms of dealing with the North Koreans.

  • The Conflict will never end

    North Korean rhetoric about uniting the country means the conflict will never end. Will the conflict escalate? That is entirely possible but unlikely. North Korea wants to test its boundaries and poke at the west, so these small conflicts are a regularity. Due to the sensitivity of the situation, it is unreasonable to think that any sort of longterm peace agreement can be obtained.

  • Yes, the drone crash in South Korea willl lead to further armed conflict.

    Yes, the drone crash in South Korea will lead to further armed conflict. North Korea has been baiting South Korea for some time, and this latest incident has escalated tensions in the region. North Korea will likely continue to do things to harass and anger South Korea. The result will unfortunately be, among other things, further armed conflict.

  • I Really Doubt It

    South Korea is far more level-headed than their northern partner. A drone crashing in South Korea may cause some problems or raise a few eyebrows, but it is unlikely to start more conflicts in the future. I think we'll eventually see something out of North Korea that will be the last straw.

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