Drug testing in schools: Would forced drug testing uphold the civil liberties of tested students?

  • Yes Drug Testing Should Be Mandatory

    ‘Over the past decade doping and overdose has been a major issue in Texas, Illinois, New Jersey and many more. Doping hasn’t come to the attention of many parents until recently.” -New York Times
    Drug abuse is very common in most high schools and not a lot of people know about it.

  • Yes drug testing would uphold civil liberties

    Yes, I think that mandatory drug testing in high schools would uphold civil liberties and make students accountable for doing drugs. I think that the time is now to end drug use in schools, and having mandatory drug tests for high school students is the way to go and does not infringe on their rights'.

  • Remember the fourth amendment?

    The fourth amendment gives people the right to not be stopped and tested/searched without a warrant or probable cause. Maybe private schools should be given the options, but public and charter, definitely not. You cant force youth to go to a place 5 days a week for 7 hours a day and then force them to pee in a cup!

  • No forced drug testing.

    No, forced drug testing would not uphold the civil liberties of tested students. It is not the schools job to test students for drugs. It is the parents responsibility. It would be violating their rights because the school needs to have probable cause and permission from the student's parents. If they have this it would probably be acceptable.

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