Drug trial participant dies: Should private establishments be allowed to conduct clinical trials of oral medications?

  • Science is more art than science

    I have done lab work in a variety of laboratory settings, and large experiments rarely go off without problems, and there are an obscene amount of variables in testing substances on humans, such as allergies, body chemistry, and health history. If medicines on the market today kill their recipients, it would be hypocritical to blacklist a medicine that could save lives due to one participant in a trial.

  • Yes, participation is voluntary

    Drug testing is an essential part of the approval process for new medical regimens. Private companies must be involved to ensure that the drugs come to market. If testing was left in the hands of the government, there would be a tremendous backlog that would lead to more deaths as patients waited years for effective treatments.

  • Private establishments be allowed to conduct clinical trials of oral medications

    Testing and clinical trials for oral medications can often be a dangerous business. However, trial subjects can react differently to medicines and procedures. No one can guarantee the 100 percent safety of anyone in these circumstances. To that end, trial participants must be fully educated as to the risks or partaking. Then, it is up to them.

  • Informed consent is imperative.

    Private establishments should be allowed to conduct clinical trials because most of the research done for medications is conducted in private establishments. They are also more likely to have adequate funding from private investors because the private establishments do not operate under the same constraints as government-run establishments.

    Drug trials are a necessary evil. There will be casualties. However, the most important thing is to determine whether the casualty knew the risks of the drug trial or not. If the private establishment does not inform participants in the drug trials of the possible risks and consequences associated with the drug, then they should not be allowed to conduct trials. If the establishment does inform participants and receives consent from participants after all the necessary information is given to them, then private establishments should be allowed to conduct clinical trials.

  • No because I said so

    Jesus didn't raise ppl to be drug addicts so that guy shouldn't get doctors help if its his own self doing it. Drugs r bad don't do drugs! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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