Drug use in Nazi Germany: Did drug use aid in the destruction of Nazi Germany?

  • Yes, drug use aided in the destruction of Nazi Germany.

    Drug use likely played a factor in the destruction of Nazi Germany. It is widely believed that Hitler abused drugs to deal with chronic illnesses. There were probably many Nazis abusing drugs which might have hurt their war efforts. This drug abuse probably accelerated the destruction of Nazi Germany; speeding up the allied victory.

  • Yes, drug use aided in the destruction of Nazi Germany.

    Yes, drug use aided in the destruction of Nazi Germany. It has been mentioned that Nazi warriors were greatly aided by the use of performance enhancing drugs. However, when drugs are introduced into a population, there are many unintended consequences that can happen. Drugs have been the downfall of many groups.

  • It seems to have helped them in the short term.

    The use of hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin and variants on methamphetamines seems to have given the Nazi Army a minor but significant advantage when it came to battle. The proscribed use of these drugs also proved itself to be successful in quelling dissent in the armed forces which meant that the officers on the top tier did not have to concern themselves with the same level of dissatisfaction as the allied forces.

  • Drug use in the military is common.

    Sadly, in World War II, drug use was common in both sides of the war. Even the Americans and the allied forces gave cocaine and methamphetamies to their pilots in order to keep them awake for the long flights for their missions. Ultimately, it was Germany's poor actions and the things they stood for that resulted in their destruction, not specifically drugs.

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