• Yes but if we had free will that wouldnt be the case.

    If we have free will then drugs couldnt cause or make us do anything unless it took away our free will temporarily which nobody is saying. Drugs are illegal because they are said to make people do bad things which contradicts their belief that we have free will on or off drugs. So if you have free will drugs cant make you do anything. They can make you want to do something bad but cannot make you and pleasure in general causes you to want to do bad things to get more of it. I hate how inaccurate most people are. I agree drugs are bad for SOME but they are good for a lot of people. Some people dont experience near as much pleasure as others. The only way they can enjoy the same pleasure you take for granted is to do drugs. So all your doing is punishing the unfortunate for being unfortunate making them more unfortunate.

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