• Same sex education

    Teaching same sex education to children would confuse them. Your brain doesnt fully develope till you are atleast the age of 18. Younger boys who get picked on for being "too feminist" might get confused that they believe they should be a female when they really need is to just toughen up. The only reason same sex education is coming up is because of Bruce Jenner, if this would of never happened they would not try to teach it in schools to younger children. Its all about publicity.

    Posted by: xxq
  • Same sex education isn't always good, but it isn't always bad.

    Same sex education is definitely not a bad idea as it has been proven very effective for certain students and a lot of students do tend to do better in a same sex environment then in a coed environment. Statistically speaking, it has been proven that girls do tend to do better in same sex schools than coed schools and that supports the fact the same sex is a good idea as it DEFINITELY lead to a lot people having better academic scores and thus leading on to a better future.

    Furthermore, people have the choices, they don't necessarily have to go to same sex schools, they can only go if it works better for them, and in a lot of cases, it most certainly does. And in that case, people can go to same sex schools and thus do better in school and that once again proves that same sex education is a good idea.

  • You should go to the school best for you

    1) You should only go to that is best for you, no matter if it is coed or not
    2) It has been proven correct that girls do better in all girl schools, and boys to better in coed schools.
    3) I go to a coed school, and I am a girl, but as I said before, this school is the best for me. (I go to a private school)
    4) When I choose where to go to high school (probably also going to be private school), one of the big things I will consider is going to an all girls school or a coed school.
    5) Basically, what I'm trying to say is in some cases it is good and some not good. And I totally disagree with what provideoman123 and Hellyes61 are saying.

  • No idea what side "Yes" is but I'm just choosing the one opposite Hellyes61 because I disagree with her.

    People have different learning techniques, for instance males tend to be worse at sitting in a desk for a long period of time. All male schools therefore let you move around a bit more in most classes. If you force the two together, then the teaching cannot be as efficient, and therefore you're in a small way wasting their minds. Also, particularly in high school it's a bad idea, as then in-class romance will distract from studies. So no, same sex schools are great.

  • Non-beneficial and odd..

    This will, just as others have said, confuse the minds of young children. It is natural for boys to be curious about girls and vice versa. Why destroy this dynamic with the teachings of same sex? Why promote something that is not beneficial for kids to know? With heterosexual couples, there is science to go along with it. It helps give an understanding of child conception and birth. Homosexual couples have no science to support them...There is nothing beneficial that comes from a same sex couple other than being told that their thoughts and feelings make them do what they do, which is also misleading. Kids do not need to be mislead or confused with this.

  • Bad idea same sex education.

    For starter u will confuse small children.And that is just the beginning the damage that will happen.Second, society as we know it will sea to exist.Our moral teaching are against nature. Why should we change something that is perfect .So let teach our kids what is "NATURALLY" right. Man and woman,

  • I Don't Want The Other Guys Ruining My Chances

    I am currently in a contest with 5 of my best friends, whoever can bang the most girls in a week wins. Given my situation, same sex education would be a bad idea. I currently meet most of the girls from my college at school, having same sex education would diminish my score. Also, there would be more guys involved if if was same sex, so I'd have more competition. Lastly, I love staring at hot girls, so I am definitely against same sex education.

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