Due to fresh water aquifers depleting at a rapid rate, will fresh water be the most valuable future commodity?

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  • Water is necessary to survive

    In all views of living, humans need (at least) four things to survive - heat, food, water and shelter. Heat = fire, which is unlikely to run out. Food = plants and/or animals which need water to live. Water = Water. Shelters can be built fairly easily with a minimum expenditure of effort. However, desalination could be used full time in which case, water would still be expensive and the most important resource

  • Water is likely to run out in some regions

    Due to population and business needs, the world's ground water source, aquifers, are being burdened in many region's throughout the globe, without a backup source of replenishment to sustain their populations and economies. The central valley of California, the region known for its produce, for example, is under stress due to its dependence on ground water to sustain its agricultural sector. So one has to assume that water may become the most valuable commodity because something will have to replenish those regions, whether it be desalination, a water pipeline(similar to the key stone pipeline) or moon water (water mined from the moon). What do you think? Is water a good future investment? Would you invest in a moon water mining start up, a desalination plant or a water pipeline that directs water from a fertile region to an arid region? Is water a future commodity?

  • Water is one of the most abundant resources on earth we will never run out of it

    Water is one of the most abundant resources on earth we will never run out of it. It's more a matter of purifying if they're moving it to regions where it is needed technology will allow us to use less water to grow our crops by using aeroponicswe can also produce fresh water from the app at Spear using an atmospheric water generator so technology really solves all of our problems

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