Due to the micromanagement of mass surveillance, Should privacy protections be abolished?

Asked by: ilovejews7
  • Spying spying spying

    The federal budget would benefit if congress gutted governmental agencies that oversee privacy protections such as HIPPA There is no such thing as privacy, whether an individual 's privacy is compromised by a corporation ,or some meddling loser. Privacy protection laws in a digital world have been futile. I think it is futile

  • It is more important now than ever to protect our privacy

    Changes in our world have increased the threat to privacy, but the best response is NOT to give up and get rid of privacy. The solution is to address the threats to privacy with the aim of protecting people's privacy.

    Some issues aren't truly issues. For instance people sharing more about their own lives voluntarily. That's fine, people have the right to do that. The right to privacy does NOT require a person to keep their life private, but it gives them the right to do so if they so choose. That right must be protected for people who don't want to share all that information.

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