Dumb and Dumber: Do modern comedies portray men unfairly, because they are portrayed as irresponsible?

  • Not all men as dumb as movies make out

    Modern movies and especially comedies seem to make out that men are all foolish and irresponsible and that women are sensible and high achieving. Although there are some men out there who aren't the brightest spark and who shirk responsibilties, it is unfair to tar all men with the same brush. Many men are extremely responsible and intelligent people. Getting a cheap laugh at men's expense is not fair.

  • Always the dumb husband.

    Yes, modern comedies portray men unfairly, because they are always portrayed as stupid and lazy. Then there is always the smart, accommodating wife who holds everything together. It sends a terrible message to the men in our society that work hard. It also does not give men enough credit for the good things they do for families.

  • Yes, modern comdies are a poor reflection of men in society

    Modern male-oriented comedies and romantic comedies tend to portray men as single-minded, hyper-masculine and juvenile. The alternative to this portrayal of the "generic male" are equally stereotypical "nerd/social outcast" male types and "mysterious casanova" types, all of which are gross stereotypes and fail to reflect the true nature of the average American male.

  • Definately, take it from a woman.

    I don't like a modern comedy because they portray people as idiots. There is not a problem with slapstick comedy, but we shouldn't be laughing at morons getting kicked in the nuts. We can't keep this going any more. It's affecting the way our people see themselves and that's not right.

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