During the presidential debates should the candidate’s microphone be turned when their time is expired?

  • Yes because they kept talking

    I want to hear a person speak. How can you have a debate if you won't one side can't keep quite.
    The mic should have the power cut because if a president debates are won by yelling then Shia Lebouf could become president by yelling Optimus all the time.
    Sir please let this guy talk.

  • End debate chaos

    Let the candidates be heard without being interrupted by an inconsiderate opponent. The first presidential debate was embarrassing! Chris Wallace wasn’t able to control the chaos. Lights on the podium can show the candidates when they have time for speaking - red for time expired, And green for time available

  • It would be nice but

    You are leaving it moderators to decide to do it. They aren't neutral, So if your candidate is one a certain channel. They will be muted. The other issue with debates, They indirectly rig them. To be vague as possible or to give the BS answers. Just because you want to shut up Trump, Doesn't mean they will use it on your candidate.

  • It sounds interesting in theory

    But you would only put up with being cut off once or twice before you would just blatantly disregard the next question to make your statement. It will detract from the actual question answering if you don't let the guy get his point across. If you think anyones going to play nice and answer Wallace immediately as soon as the mic is back on youre horribly mistaken.

    Not to mention the message it would sent. The questions are already biased as all hell and if you throw straw men like climate and covid and whatever other unimportant crap you can at a person without letting them get to core issues. . . Then the mic cuts out as it gets to the substantial part. . . Its not doing the public any favors. Then all theyve heard anyone do is recite about is a bunch of newspeak propaganda crap that they could have heard on CNN in the first place.

  • Both are Jesuitical Puppets

    They are all Jesuits, Working toward the same goals. The worst person will be elected, No matter who it is to win.

    Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=bEWJzPytMq0 - Predictive Programming, Agenda 21, Jesuit Propaganda - Etc.

    Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=DqkosdRK-R0 - Democrats True Face for those thinking Voting Helps

    Voting Does Nothing.

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