During the years 1899-1902 the U.S. used starvation to get Phillipinos to submit: Is the U.S. guilty of inhumane treatment around the world?

  • When it comes to conflict, the United States is very goal-oriented.

    I do believe that the Unites States is guilty of many counts of inhumane treatment around the world. It seems as though when the United States engaged in situations involving conflict, the country is very goal-orientated will stop at nothing to fulfill their duty and complete a task. While this can prove to be effective politically,much humanity is lost in the process.

  • There are better ways.

    The United States would never starve its own citizens in order to get them to comply with something. There are innocent people who suffered because of what the United States imposed between 1899-1902. The United States has been imperialist for a long time, especially during the age of fears of communism.

  • Yes, the U.S has been guilty of inhumane treatment

    I agree that the U.S. has used inhumane treatment to achieve goals, and starving a group of people falls directly under inhumane treatment. Just because someone disagrees with you does not give you the right to take away a basic necessity for living. Are there many cases of the U.S. doing this? Most likely not; at least what is publicly known. Does that make it O.K. to starve people if it was only done once? No.

  • That would be inhumane.

    The U.S. has done a good a mount of terrible things in their history. However, much of that is in the past and is not happening today. Of course there are probably still a lot of thing the U.S. still does that is unsavory and we should stop those things..

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