During WW2, Is it Austria-Hungary's fault to start it?

Asked by: VenomxShocker
  • It was Austria-Hungary's fault

    The reason WW2 was Austria-Hungary's fault, is because the Hungarians assassinated an Austrian prince, and the Austrians were backed by the Russians, while the Hungarians were backed by the Germans and relied on increased trade from fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany. Hungary began to talk armistice with America and Britain, Germany felt betrayed and invaded Hungary, which led to the World War, because Hitler then invaded Poland relatively shortly after.

  • It was Axis' or the Serbs fault.

    Austria-Hungary didn't exist when WW1 ended and they tried to have an agreement with Serbs which they declined and made Austria-Hungary declare war on Serbia which them started the infamous WW1 which made WW2 and every post-WW2 war possible so if you want to blame someone blaming Serbia is the best option

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