During WW2 Nazis killed 28 million Russians and only a few million Jews. We only hear about the Jews because of media control.

Asked by: Figwald
  • Jewish influence on US media is massive

    Jews actually control the media, Banks, Hollywood and congress in the USA. AIPAC or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is one of the biggest lobby groups that buys politicians and dictates US foreign policy. Do you really think you will hear about the 28 million Russians the lost their lives, Or the few million Jews over and over? Which story benefits Israel? Benefits Jewish interest globally?

  • A majority of News outlets were founded and are run by jews

    Jews have been around for centureis but have made enimines in almost every country they estblish themselevs in. They have commited some of the worst crimes imaginable but yet somehow play the victims. Before the 1940s the word holocaust was described as a jewsish ritual where they would sacrifice non jewish children in order to have a plentiful harvest the coming summer. This ritual involved throwing babies down a 6-foot hole ignited with fire. Another example of jewish treachoury can be find all europe. Many catholic saints that are chidren were killed by jews because their religion activly and clearly encourages the killing of goys(non-jews). Those actions fail in comparison to the greatest threat jews have given mankind which is an ideology and form of government which has led to killing of millions if not billions of innocent people. Karl Marx the father of communism then Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks were members of the jewish faith

  • It's not the same thing. Not even in the slightest.

    The Shoah was a systematic and planned killing of a specific ethnic group of people framed in a larger political plan. A systematic, Specific, Mass ethnic execution created especially for that purpose.

    The Soviets killed out of armed soldier-to-soldier combat conditions (prisoners of war or civilians) amount to a maximum of 9 million, Not 28. And in any case they have not undergone a treatment comparable to that suffered by the Jews in the Shoah.

    This is a troll question or one with a blatant principle of false equivalence with a splash of anti-Semitism. I would suggest to user and op Figwald that he tries to cure his anti-Semitism (because this is what it is) with a little bit of accurate historical reading.

    Also, I reported this.

  • There is another reason.

    The Russians and the Germans were enemies, They were at war. To kill them must have been a no-brainer for Hitler. This is not the case for the Jews. They were often patriotic Germans, And some Jews were even Nazies themselves. That Hitler killed the Jews shocked the world, And there was no other reason than racism. This fact is why the Hollocaust is remembered, But the crazy war on Russia isn't.

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