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  • One of the easiest.

    As a West Germanic language, Dutch is more similar to English than just about any other language. The orthography is fairly simple and the grammar is fairly simple compared to, say, German or the Slavic languages.
    That said, it's still not a trivial task to learn Dutch. It is, after all, another language.

    Posted by: CCE
  • Dutch is not the harest language to learn

    Dutch is actually one of the easier European languages in my opinion. Fairly simple conjugations, no case systems, and being a West Germanic language it's closely related to English and German, which are two major world languages. The only thing I'd say is relatively hard about Dutch is the accent. Depending on your motivation level, and how well you study and how much exposure you've got in the language, it might be difficult for you to pick up the accent.

    I'm currently in Brussels, and I took an introductory Dutch course this semester and I found it to be a lot easier than French for example, which I already speak fluently.

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